Bernina Express with Panoramic Wiew

For the Bernina Express with panoramic windows, which seats are limited, is necessary to pay an additional cost for the reservation in addition to the regular ticket. This price is the same for adults, youths and infants and varies throughout the year and depending on the season and availaibility, alongside the departure times, and is as follows:

The additional cost for a singol way per person stars from € 6 to € 27 depending on a period of the year.

You can choose to travel in a panoramic carriage even just for a single journey.


If you wish to book Bernina Express with panoramic windows which has limited places, buy the regular tickets and then contact us, we will try to ask for some availability and if we find it we will send you the instructions to obtain it.

Even if there is no place in the panoramic carriage, the experience on the Bernina red train will be equally great, you will travel on a regular carriage to discover breathtaking landscapes unique in the world.

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When writing your request for a Panormaic Vagon, please reconfirm your name, your email, the date of the trip, the number of passengers and whether you want a one-way seat reservation (and which way) or a two-way seat reservation.


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